Farmer’s Friends

Farmer’s Friends are a weed. I’m not exactly sure how widespread they are, but they are prolific here where i live in northern NSW!

One simple Permaculture principle is, “the problem is the solution” this is a very progressive and productive way to look at any situation.

These weeds get lots of people worked up and many people often revert to poisoning them. I DO NOT agree with using any poisons. So here is a very simple solution that will do more then just keep this particular weed under control it will also nourish you!

Grab an old bed sheet and with the help of a friend run this bed sheet over your seeding farmer’s friends (any of you that have come into contact with these seeds will know that they grab onto you and don’t let go!) The sheet will collect all the seeds it touches.

Turn the sheet upside down and spray it with water. before long ( a day or two) these seeds would have sprouted into lovely edible sprouts, that are awesome to eat alone or in a salad.

the problem can always be the solution.

have fun.