Visit to Pindari Herb farm

last weekend, i went with Joni and his family to Pindari herb farm (longford Tasmania), open day

The farm was a treasure trove of plant life, boasting 130 medicinal herbs. The founder and owner of the farm, Ken atherton, trained as a pharmiist for 20 years. In the later stages of that occupation he also worked as a herbalist, gathering and distilling his own herbs to make tinctures that he found had very much the same effect as the chemical medicines that he was also perscribing. He took as step back and looked at his life, analyzing what it was that made him most happy. He found that without a doubt it wash the time out doors collecting the herbs that really made his heart sing. This was the realisation that changed Kens life and brought about the birth of Pindari farm, some 28 years ago.

The Farm is Ken and his Wife Jobi’s home and work place. they have been living there for 18 years. In the 10 years prior energies were put into developing the house built to satisfy the title self sufficient.

the tour was very generous. A comprehensive story of many of the nooks and crannies. the whole audience were captivated at the glorious health of the produce, the enormous size of the lettuce! and the careful steps ken had taken to make sure his soil biology was just perfect.

some photos will follow asap.




I sat my Permaculture Design Course (PDC) with Geoff  and Nadia Lawton, of The Permaculture Research Institute (PRI), Australia, NSW, in june/july 2009. The experience was nothing short of life changing. Fortunately i had been prepared for this and had cleaned my slate – so to speak – before departing my lovely home town, Adelaide, South Australia.

As of yet, i have done nothing overly significant with the information that i was bestowed, not that it is particularly my aim to do so. I aim to be a PART of something very significant. I aim to be an active part of creating a permaculture for the peoples of the world, where we care for the earth and each other willingly and with love. This can be done simply and perpetually by sharing our surplus.

This blog space was inspired by two people, Angelo the permaculture wizard of Melbourne, his amazing garden in Preston and his impeccable record of it at i urge you to pop into his website OR even better contact him and see his beautiful garden, and Jonathon Chan one of the hardest working, passionate, kind, clever people i know of. Thank you.