What do i eat?


This is an interesting discussion. One that i am passionate about.

When we eat we are literally creating ourselves, building ourselves, we ARE what we eat. If we are eating toxic foods we will have toxic bodies, toxic thoughts and toxic attitudes. If we eat foods that are fresh, healthy and alive that is what we will be.

Two years ago was the first time that i heard that the raw food diet existed. I thought it was a joke! having been brought up on the Standard Australian Diet (SAD) my Mc Donald eating, coke drinking, candy munching self could not believe that people survive off of JUST foods that are still raw.

I started to research, and i found one of the truths that was to set me free. we are designed to eat raw foods and thrive off of them. The very reason we are sick is mostly due to the foods that we eat. Eating a diet of raw foods has resulted in people being cured from ‘incurable’ diseases, like diabetes, cancer, asthma and lots more.

When i find information like this, that i believe i cannot ignore it. How irresponsible would that be!? i couldn’t do it.

so two years later… What do i eat?

after a period of transition and more and more research, yeah, i eat only raw foods. After reading the book “the 80/10/10 diet” by Dr Douglas Graham, i eat mainly fruits, usually with a large salad for dinner. I frequent the online low fat raw vegan community, 30 bananas a day very often. It is FULL of beautiful conscious people, striving to create a sustainable planet, by changing their lives in the most intimate way possible, changing what they create their physical body out of.

By not eating animals, animals products and grain. I am not contributing to the MASSIVE factory farming industry which partakes in cruely towards animals which is beyond belief, nor am i contributing to the de-forestation that is happening in the amazon for the soy bean crops that are shamelessly spewing themselves over the once pristine virgin forests. I am no longer subjecting my body to unnecessary stresses that were making me sick.

I eat only local, in-season fruits. The world covered in fruit tress is nothing short of desirable. That is the world that i want, so that is the world that i am creating with my actions.

i have lots to say about this diet/lifestyle, if you have any questions i am MORE than happy to answer them.

for lots of amazing information visit my friends at http://www.30bananasaday.com




Permaculture Nation

Permaculture Nation is a dream.

It is a dream for the world.

But more simply a dream for a website. A website that will aid the development of a whole world permaculture nation.

This website is ideally a GLOBAL DIRECTORY!

a place where anyone can come and browse a map of the world on their screen and select the little flags that are in their local areas to locate teachers, other PDC graduates, consultants, demonstration sites and much more.

this way we can start to connect locally. Connect strings locally bit by bit until we are all one.



I sat my Permaculture Design Course (PDC) with Geoff  and Nadia Lawton, of The Permaculture Research Institute (PRI), Australia, NSW, in june/july 2009. The experience was nothing short of life changing. Fortunately i had been prepared for this and had cleaned my slate – so to speak – before departing my lovely home town, Adelaide, South Australia.

As of yet, i have done nothing overly significant with the information that i was bestowed, not that it is particularly my aim to do so. I aim to be a PART of something very significant. I aim to be an active part of creating a permaculture for the peoples of the world, where we care for the earth and each other willingly and with love. This can be done simply and perpetually by sharing our surplus.

This blog space was inspired by two people, Angelo the permaculture wizard of Melbourne, his amazing garden in Preston and his impeccable record of it at http://deepgreenpermaculture.wordpress.com/about/ i urge you to pop into his website OR even better contact him and see his beautiful garden, and Jonathon Chan one of the hardest working, passionate, kind, clever people i know of. Thank you.