This site is simply for me to place interesting and useful information, stories, anecdotes, designs and dreams so that they are not just in a notebook under my arm, but in a place that is easy for others to access it. It is another way for family and friends to know that i am up to when i am away from home,

The general theme of all the information that i post is working towards creating a Permanent culture / permanent agriculture. This means working WITH what nature offers, NOT treating it like a comodity.

Civilisations throughout history have fallen because they have depleted their natural resources, especially their soil!.

It is so surprising that we have not learnt from the past and that we are very quickly plummeting in the same direction. Lets start now to make our actions positive NOT destructive.  Amongst these pages are some ideas of how we can do this.

Enjoy and do not hesitate to contact me.




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