starting a fire

Tonight, so strongly, I was hit again by what it is that i want to do/create.

I want to breathe air into the spark that is within peoples’ hearts until it becomes a fire roaring passionately for a life they love to live.

Through time i have learnt clearly that it is impossible to change anyone, the change just has to come from within the person. They must want and create the change for themselves.

In knowing this now, my energy is no longer outward, but within myself. Nurturing my truth so that i have the confidence to walk solidly and confidently as Jay.

So really, people find their own sparks when they get inspired and air it to flame all themselves… owning the process and the bubbling excitements that comes with empowerment and awakening.

I hope for nothing more than to be happily and wholly me, beaming into the world a special joy that i carry. An image of the place i know we are going and a heart so full of love i cannot hold it in.