Since sitting my PDC last year it has become obvious to me that propagation is one of my niches.

Really i think that this is one of the thing most important things that we should be taught in school. How to make plants grow. Especially productive plant, food, timber, pioneer plants etc.

Here is some interesting information i just came across – i’ll continue to update this post.

most plants can be grown from seed of cuttings. This means that there is really no need to go an BUY your plants. You can start from the beginning, grow whatever you like and as many as you like.

Growing from cuttings

Cuttings are best taken from last years’ grows, the part of the tree that is young, but has gone from green to brown and has a ‘snap’ when broken. Take a cutting with a sharp set of snips, just below one node and just above another.  dip one end in either honey or water that has had willow soaking in it for 24 hrs, this will add a grow hormone to the cutting and increase the strike rate. Plant the cutting 2/3rds deep in a shady well rained area and wait for it to set roots and grow leaves. Don’t plant out (move) again for at least 6 months.

Growing from Seed

Most seeds from most fruits and plants will grow. You will never get exacty the same specimen as the parent plant, but it won’t be too far off! If you eat a fruit that you think is particularly delicious then plant the seeds. Seeds are ready to collect when they drop from the plant, the fruit is ripe or the flower is dead around them. If the seed is from a deciduous tree, then place the seed in dry sand in the refrigerator for a month of so to make it think it has gone through a winter. Then plant them out.

more soon.

happy gardening


“the best of jackie french”


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