A Permaculture Design Course

My aim is to digitise my PDC notes taken from the course with Geoff and Nadia Lawton (Zaytuna farm, June/July 2009), then the information will be far more accessible to more people. I hope to soon start on my own teaching curriculum, this revision is a start.

NOTE:  this post is a constant work under construction and is derived straight from my notes, it is more a bounty of possibilities rather than ‘how to’s’

I hope you enjoy it and learn a lot.


Permaculture is based on sciences that are known, it has nothing to do with metaphysics. This does not, however, disable an individual who entwines their lives with metaphysical and mysterious matters from practicing permaculture. A permaculture thrives on diversity in all aspects.

What are the major Problems that give us ‘evidence to act’?

Above are the three major contributors to the degradation of the state of our earth. They are all connected, we cannot soak up our pollution without the forests, but we are cutting them down for the fertile soil that lies beneath them, because other places we have used have already suffered from extreme soil erosion.

Our agriculture industries are unsustainable large monoculture crops that contribute 200 tonnes per hectare a year of soil loss. The 5 major crops that a grown for food and traded on the stock market are Soy, Wheat, Maize, Rice and Potatoes. When these crops are brought locally we receive the same nutrition from 2% of the equivalent area.


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